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My friend and I both played this, and cried because we didn't want to leave, aND HE WAS MAKING IT HARD NOT TOO, LIKE BOI! STOP MAKING ME FALL IN LOVE WITH YOU YOU GORGEOUS MOTHER FUCKER! 

Over all, it was a very sweet game.

the fanart spot on fire emblem

Even though my otp is Odin x Laslow, Laslow x Xander works too ^^


I cried... it was so lovely yet bitter sweet... uwwww...  <3

Hi there! ^_^ Well it was quite a quest to find your game, even though I check itch every once in a while :) Seriously, put at least "lgbt" tag, because it's quite popular here and this way it would be easier for slash/yaoi fans to find your "child" ^_^ AND NOW let's get to the interesting part, I SO LIKED this game. It has one of my fav kink? type of pairing? xD (servant/master) and the story was so touchingly good. It was quite soppy in a few moments, but with nice angst and I liked it. The music, art, dialogues... everything is put together great. And honestly I don't even know what ending I like more. One has nice fluff and the other one "My heart will go on" xD Unexpected turn of events))))) To summarize, I pretty liked this game. You made a great job. Good luck with future projects ^_^ ps but seriously ANOTHER DIMENSION?! Where did that come from? xD


this destroyed my feels sdlkfjsdfl


Thank you SO MUCH for making this VN!!!! ;____;